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Sourcing and Acquiring Technology

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Technology sourcing and outward FDI

India is one of the most mature global sourcing destination with the widest range of options.

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A Sourcing Dig Into India‚??s Technical Community

Few weeks back I read an interesting article on SourceCon about StackOverFlow ‚?? a technical community and how sourcers can use the same to unearth great technical talent. The golden nuggets such as this differentiate a ‚??post n‚?? pray‚?? sourcing process to a ‚??hunting‚?? sourcing process. It is increasingly important for sourcers to hunt new sources for fetching candidates as sources like LinkedIn are being spoken about in the same breathe that of job portals

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sourcing technology in india

The country is increasingly getting recognized for high value goods requiring a fair amount of engineering precision and quality. The sector is diversifying due to conditions on the ground that global players are using to their advantage.