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  • system presents content to enrich cognition - loading information and services to the enable user understand, develop insights and is aligned to complement the mode of human thinking and cognition
  • system has a knowledge repository, services portfolio, technical assistance sections offering a host of information and services related to various sectors and domain areas
  • pattern of information access, service requests and interactive usage signifies user interests and enables system present information adapted to such interests
  • Do It Yourself -DIY, hands on experiential guidance, know-how, mentoring support by domain experts/ practitioners, knowledge resources and custom handholding/ communication facilitate entrepreneurs’ gaining confidence and pursue their passion/ interests
  • entrepreneurs can pose service requests, queries for responses, input details in forms to present detailed information of their requirement for information and services
  • Success stories and experiences shared empower potential entrepreneurs, youth, women to build enterprises that produce goods and services
  • communication module generates and sends custom messages, sms, onscreen alerts/ notifications or emails which bring to the attention of registered users,- the knowledge update, service offers of interest to the registered user and status of service request made by him
  • SCADA maps can designate positions or states characterizing a given entrepreneur or enterprise, with respect to his lifecycle and corresponding information requirements and service demands
  • User position & states represented internally, enables system visualize and present progression pathways for his selection/ choice
  • Systems performs in assist mode to help user in his progression to other states or positions depending on his invoked choices and selection of pathways
  • Portal functions as an ERP system connecting individuals and enterprises in the eco system and providing support to all stake holders accounting for their roles, expectations aligning content presentation aligned with their needs.
  • know-how, success stories, testimonials, discussion forums, event updates, and scitechpedia QAs discussion threads, resolution on issues and services aligned with lifecycle of enterprise/entrepreneur growth are offered
  • services include technologies, know-hows, product development ideas, process descriptions, solutions to enterprise challenges, industrial problems etc
  • consultants, experts, government and partner agencies provide services aligned with needs of enterprises/ entrepreneurs
  • counselling and support extended to entrepreneurs/ enterprises at facilitation centres are logged to enable follow up and augmented level of support during subsequent visits
  • contributors can invoke the authoring system, blog creation utility and time line to view their contributions, transactions and status of their updates while sharing their knowledge and providing services in response to the requirements of entrepreneurs/ enterprises
  • contribution to the knowledge repository, portal content and services offered in a transactional mode
  • contents on the portal platform serving as an augmented entrepreneur Support System is crowd sourced
  • collaboration enables demand for information & services to be met by those partner agencies, experts, R&D establishment and govt agencies providing relevant information or services
  • process of technology licensing, adoption, are presented in a transactional mode as a set of automated services progressing in granularity from generics to specifics
  • next level of augmented entrepreneur / enterprise capacity and success benchmarks are tracked

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